It all began a couple of years ago with Grunge Graveyard. I wanted to create a kind of virtual cemetery for the grunge musicians who haven’t had their graves or their graves were located beyond the reach of most fans.  Like I wrote in the intro, in most cultures graveyard is not just a place to bury the dead. People come there to say goodbye, to cry, to recall memories, to laugh, to bring flowers and to light a candle.

It was supposed to be a place of remembrance for the ones who left us long time ago like Andy, Kurt or Layne so I have experienced a real shock when I had to add the place first for Scott Weiland and now for Chris Cornell. His recent death has been a trauma for me, Chris was one of my teenage heroes who helped me to get through the hardest times. In the first impulse, I thought of deleting the whole Grunge Graveyard because I realized that with time these virtual graves will be more and more numerous and I didn’t think I could deal with that.

But soon I realised something very important, something that the people of Antiquity have already known. Let me quote the poem of an ancient Roman author Horace.

I have completed a monument
More lasting than bronze and far higher
Than that royal pile of Pyramids (…)
My end won’t be complete, and a great
Part of me will evade the death god

This is the quintessence of any art. By creating, you leave a piece of yourself in your work. Thanks to the book you write, the picture you paint or the song you sing, you never die completely. In the past, people believed that the person only wholly dies when the last person who knew him/her dies as well because as long as the memory lives, this person lives, too. Now, in the era of media and the Internet this is truer than ever before.

Since grunge and metal music are the biggest loves of my musical life, I decided that instead of destroying Grunge Graveyard, I will create Metal Graveyard for Peter, Quorthon, Ronnie James and others who have influenced our lives with their music. You are encouraged to leave your comment and share your memories. Thank you.


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