Nicole Bogner (22 March 1984 – 6 January 2012), was the first female singer of the Austrian band Visions of Atlantis.

In the summer of 2000, at the age of 16, Nicole met Werner Fiedler, Thomas Caser, Christian Stani, and Chris Kamper, musicians who were fascinated by the concept of Atlantis. They decided to start a band inspired by this tale and called it Visions of Atlantis. Their first demo, Morning in Atlantis, was released in 2000 and in 2001 they signed with TTS Media Music/Black Arrow Productions. In 2002 their first album, Eternal Endless Infinity, was released and next year Mario Plank replaced Christian Stani as the male singer. The band soon signed the deal with Napalm Records, which released their second studio album Cast Away in November 2004. To mark the release, Visions of Atlantis produced their first official music video to the song ‘Lost’, which received significant airplay on VIVA and MTV, and made it possible for the band to present the album. In early 2005, Visions of Atlantis toured across Europe, while being supported by labelmates Elis and Celtic rock based band Lyriel.

In late 2005, Nicole left the band due to the commitments elsewhere. On January 6, 2012, Visions of Atlantis posted the following announcement on their Facebook and MySpace pages

In deep mourning and with highest respect we have to notify all Visions of Atlantis fans that our former female Singer Nicole Bogner has passed away at the age of 27 after fighting a severe disease over a long period of time. The band is shocked about the loss of an old VoA-family member but wants to express sincere gratitude to Nicole not only for 5 years of sharing a musical Vision but also for more than a decade of friendship inside and outside of Visions of Atlantis. Without Nicole Visions of Atlantis would have never been born and her unique voice and personality were a big part of VoA. With Nicole a great part of Visions of Atlantis died as well. We will always treasure your warm hearted soul, you will never be forgotten Nici.

One of her favorite songs, Boote in der Nacht, of the musical ‘Elisabeth’ was played on her funeral according to her wish. The following Visions of Atlantis album, Ethera (2013), was dedicated to Nicole.

Nicole had a tremendous mezzosopran voice, strong and well trained enough to sing at the opera. Her duets with male singers, Christian and Mario, were the essence of Visions of Atlantis music.