The 49th Anniversary of Pelle’s Birth

It would be awkward to wish happy birthday to a person who died by suicide and never really felt like a human being at all so let me just say, Pelle thank you for your presence on Earth and everything that you left for us. You will never be forgotten.

Everything here is so cold
Everything here is so dark
I remember it as from a dream
In the corner of this time

Diabolic shapes float by
Out from the dark
I remember it was here I died
By following the freezing moon

It’s night again
Night you beautiful
I please my hunger
On living humans
Night of hunger
Follow it’s call
Follow the freezing moon

Darkness is growing
The eternity opens
The cemetery lights up again
As in ancient times
Fallen souls die behind my steps
By following the freezing moon


‘Rivfader’ by Finntroll with Teemu ‘Somnium’ Raimoranta

It’s Peter Steele’s birthday tomorrow and in the middle of the month we will celebrate Pelle’s birthday so you can expect a lot of music by Type O’Negative and Mayhem but for now let’s have a proper folk metal carnival party with Finntroll. The music was obviously written by Somnium.

Message From Anders, Pelle’s Brother

Here is a fan video with the message from Anders, the brother of Per Yngwe Ohlin (Dead) from Mayhem. I was planning to include the original Fb post here but it disappeared. The music for the video is a bit weird, I don’t know why it isn’t Mayhem or Morbid but some Tatu-like Russian music instead. Well, in the end the message is the most important anyway, you can always turn off the sound and play ‘Life Eternal’ like I am doing now.

‘Crazy Train’ With Randy Rhoads On Guitar

Guess who I added to the graveyard’s alley today? When I got the concept of this page in May, I immediately started to write down the names of the musicians whom I should gather here and initially there was eight of them. The first names were obvious: Peter Steele, Quorthon, Ronnie James Dio, others appeared in my mind as I was doing a quick research in my memory of heavy metal music: Chuck Schulinder, Jeff Hanneman, while Dead, Somnium and Valfar came to my mind when I listened to their songs. I wrote short bios based on Wikipedia and added photos, exactly like I did for Grunge Graveyard years ago. I thought I was done. Then I recalled Dimebag and Cliff. Then I recalled Nicole and Aleah. But I thought, Ok now it is done.

And then, just a couple of weeks ago, we were checking the English presentation that my friend prepared for this weekend’s conference and it included the example of Ozzy Osbourne. While we were examining his case, I suddenly thought of a horrific episode from his history and another name came to my mind. Randy Rhoads.

So here he is in a video devoted to him and I have a personal request for all the metal musicians: please do take care of yourself! Eat healthy food, exercise, and do not take unnecessary risk! I know it doesn’t sound like a stereotypical rock’n’roll lifestyle but I just don’t want you to be included on this page! I want you to live, create and flourish until you are 80 or 90. Until then, please do not give me the reasons to place you here, ok?!