Happy New Year!

I wonder if at the end of the year we will be as surprised as Necrobutcher and Dead on this picture.


Personally I just want to thank all the visitors, my baby blog is just 6 months old now so stick around to see how it will be growing.


Message From Anders, Pelle’s Brother

Here is a fan video with the message from Anders, the brother of Per Yngwe Ohlin (Dead) from Mayhem. I was planning to include the original Fb post here but it disappeared. The music for the video is a bit weird, I don’t know why it isn’t Mayhem or Morbid but some Tatu-like Russian music instead. Well, in the end the message is the most important anyway, you can always turn off the sound and play ‘Life Eternal’ like I am doing now.

Quorton’s Father Has Died

Börje “Boss” Forsberg — owner of Black Mark Records and father of late BATHORY mainman Thomas “Quorthon” Forsberg — passed away in the early morning hours of Thursday, September 14. A post on the Black Mark Production web site reads: “After many years of serious illness, his big heart has given up.”

Börje’s death comes more than thirteen years after the passing of his son, who was found dead in his apartment in Stockholm, Sweden on June 7, 2004. The 39-year-old, widely considered to be one of black metal’s founding fathers, reportedly died of heart failure.

Although Quorthon’s blood relation with Boss was staunchily denied — for reasons that are unclear — throughout BATHORY’s lifespan, the musician’s real identity was confirmed after his tragically early death.

BATHORY’s career-spanning box set, “In Memory of Quorthon”, was released in June 2006 via Black Mark. The package contained three CDs, one DVD, a book and a poster.

In a 2010 interview that Börje “Boss” Forsberg gave to Sweden Rock Magazine, he spoke openly about his son, how BATHORY came to be and all the unreleased BATHORY material that was still in the vaults. The magazine also published the last photo taken of Quorthon. This was all done with the blessing of Quorthon’s family.

Source: Blabbermouth


Börje Forsberg